'Because women have long been the guardians of life's wholesome practices, when we strengthen our health and spiritual power, we also strengthen the health and wisdom of the men, children, and communities around us.'

Maya Tiwari, 'A Path of Practice'


Women are Natural Healers


We heal through Nature's purest ingredients.

Like sunshine, moonlight, fresh air and clean water.

We heal when we walk barefoot on the earth, sit by an ancient tree and allow enough time and space to take in the night sky one star at a time. 

We heal when we slow down, and allow our senses to be nourished by the

Beauty of Nature.

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Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurveda is known as the Mother of all medicines.

Ayurveda is defined as Ayu 'life' and Veda 'knowledge or wisdom'. It is living in accordance with Mother Nature and her infinite wisdom. It is living a life rhythmically, seasonally and in alignment with our Prakruti/Unique Constitution. 

Ayurveda believes we heal through our 5 senses and we can also become harmed through our 5 senses. 

When we know our Prakruti/Constituion we can craft a life of nourishing practices through our senses with foods, spices, yoga, meditation, colors, aromas and other beautiful sensory experiences. 

No two people are ever created the same, therefore no treatments are ever exactly the same.

Ayurveda is individualized medicine.

It is an invitation to living a Sacred life.

A roadmap home to our True Nature. 


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