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Way of the Herbalist

Herbalism as a Way of Life


Way of the Herbalist

A 10 month Journey into the Heart of Ayurvedic Wisdom

& Herbal Medicine

Way is defined as a path, a portal, an opening or passage.

Way is defined as possibility, capability, a course of action, a method in the way one goes about something. 

Every Woman has her own unique inherent Way and her own Unique inherent Medicine to gift to the world. 

Way of the Herbalist is a 10 month journey unearthing the Herbalist that you inherently are. 

We start this September 2021!

1 space left!

I have had the greatest privilege of a lifetime to have learned directly from Rosemary Gladstar herself in 2005-2006 at her school, Sage Mountain in Vermont. Truly one of the very best experiences of my life & now I get to share this gorgeous course, "The Science & Art of Herbalism" with my very own community.

The world needs more Herbalists, people living a heart centered life connected to walking close to the earth.  

We need more people practicing kitchen medicine, growing gardens, being able to identify the local wild weeds and passing this knowledge on to their children and grandchildren.

Herbalists are a gift and it is far more than a title, it is a Way of Living in Rhythm with Mother Nature. 

When we have a relationship to the earth we are more apt to tend and protect. 

"In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught." (Baba Dioum, 1968.)

I will guide you through Rosemary's home study course lesson by lesson and teach the medicine making portion of each lesson in person and support each Woman in receiving a certificate of completion becoming a family and community herbalist. 

'To become a true herbalist, therefore, means to become a seer. This means to be sensitive to the being of the herbs, to commune in receptive awareness with the plant-light of the universe. It is to learn to listen when the plant speaks, to speak to the plant as to another human being, and to look upon it as one's teacher'. The Yoga of Herbs 


  • Month 1: Saturday 9/25 10-4pm & Sunday 9/26 11-3pm 

  • Month 2: Saturday 10/23 10-4pm

  • Month 3: Saturday 11/13 10-4pm

  • Month 4: Saturday 12/11 10-4pm & Sunday12/12 11-3pm 

  • Month 5: Saturday 1/8 10-4pm 

  • Month 6: Saturday 2/12 10-4pm 

  • Month 7: Saturday 3/12 10-4pm  

  • Month 8: Saturday 4/9 10-4pm 

  • Month 9: Saturday 5/14 10-4pm 

  • Month 10: Saturday 6/11 Graduation Day!

Ayurvedic Wisdom & Lifestyle Practices:

  • Dinacharya: Daily Rituals & Routines

  • Prakruti: Your Unique Physiology/Constitution

  • Vikruti: Current Imbalance(s) and how to treat natural with Ayurveda & Herbal Medicine

  • Ayurvedic Beauty Rituals

  • Ayurvedic Kitchen Wisdom

  • Crafting a Sacred & Seasonal Life

What will be offered:

  • Rosemary Gladstar's 'The Science & Art of Herbal Medicine' Home Study Course in print and the online version for 1 year. ($475 Value)

  • 1:1 Consultation with me ($199 Value)

  • An Ayurvedic & Herbal Gift Bag including: Massage Oil, Nasya Oil, Tongue Scraper, CCF Tea, Herbal Tea Blend & Triphala ($100 Value)

  • Way of the Herbalist Booklet 

  • A Beautiful Certificate of completion from Rosemary, making you a family/community Herbalist. 

  • All Medicine Making Supplies and herbs when we gather together.

  • 1 live monthly group zoom call that is recorded (dates to be announced)

What is NOT offered:

  • Any herbs you are working with @ home to make your own medicine & create your own Materia Medica, home Apothecary.

  • Herbs and supplies will be for sale for each lesson that can be purchased separately.

  • Any books that you choose to purchase for your own learning.

  • This is NOT an overnight course, please know that no accommodations are offered. 


  • $1,850

  • Pay in full or break up into monthly payments. ($135 month automatic deduction plan for 10 months)

  • $500 Deposit required to save your space, can be broken up into 2 payments of $250


Please schedule a free 20 min call for a interview. This course is open to 10 women that are ready for a deep dive into herbalism, Ayurveda & personal healing.