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Ayurvedic Body Therapies

A path of Rejuvenation ~ A path of Love

Ayurvedic Body Therapies are Ancient remedies for deeply restoring the body, mind & spirit back into balance.

They are subtle in nature, meaning lighter in touch and powerful for calming the mind and nervous system or Vata Dosha. 

To oil the body is to deeply love the body. Body Oiling hydrates, rejuvenates and detoxifies the body, mind, heart & spirit.

Oil is Love~Love is Oil


Therapeutic Massage

Receive a 90 minute therapeutic massage to release tension, calm the nervous system and be deeply nourished. You can expect warm organic Ayurvedic oils, warm stones, essential oils and lots of love.

Snehana~Dosha Balancing

Snehana is a 90 minute Ayurvedic Deep Body Oiling for balancing Vata Dosha. Vata out of balance is responsible for insomnia, anxiety, worry & overwhelm. 
This would be a recommendation after a consultation to determine if it is the appropriate medicine for you.
Expect to be deeply relaxed, well loved and well oiled. It is best to receive multiple sessions in a row to bring balance into your life. This holds the potential to change your life along with proper diet, teas and supplements. An abdominal and breast massage are included (of course this is completely up to each clients comfort) along with organic oils specific for your constitution/dosha.
Snehana is the Sanskrit word for Oil. In the ancient texts oil and Love are synonymous. Oil is Love and Love is Oil.
To oil the body is to deeply love the body. Body Oiling hydrates, rejuvenates and detoxifies the body, mind, heart & spirit.

Shirodhara & Snehana

Shirodhara is a slow steady stream of warm sesame oil over the forehead, third eye (ajna chakra) to bring a very deep sense of relaxation and calm to the mind and nervous system. Snehana is a full body oiling with warm organic oils to deeply calm the Vata Dosha. Abdominal & Breast massage included (of course this is up to each clients comfort). This is a powerful therapy like no other, very deep medicine.

Pressure Points

Marma Therapy

Marma points are part of our 'Sacred Physiology'. When marma points are touched, our subtle energy or currents are opened and prana~pure life force begins to move. This releases blockages and stagnation and brings deep relaxation to body, mind & spirit. Marma Therapy is a very light touch, with clothing on and deeply relaxes the nervous system. Marma Therapy includes head, face, hands and feet along with aromatherapy & head massage with out oil.