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Way of the Medicine Woman

A 10 month journey for Women into the

Heart of Ayurveda & Herbalism

Way of the Medicine Woman is a 10 month journey for Women into the heart of Ayurveda & Herbal Medicine.

10 women will come together for one weekend a month for 10 months

and together we will learn Ayurvedic Wisdom & Study Rosemary Gladstar's Home Study Course.

Every woman will receive a Beautiful certificate upon completion from Sage Mountain Herbal School

(Rosemary's School/Sanctuary in Vermont, where I studied)

as a practicing Family/Community Herbalist. 

Systems of the body we will study:

  • Nervous System 

  • Circulatory System

  • Digestive System

  • Reproductive Health

  • Respiratory System & More

Each Weekend will be filled with Ayurvedic & Yogic Wisdom, Nature Walks, Herbal ID & Medicine Making. 

  • Tincture, Elixir & Syrup Making

  • Kitchen Medicine/Spice Blend Making

  • Salve & Lip Balms

  • Teas, Tisanes & Decoctions

  • Flower Essences

  • Dream Pillows 

  • Pelvic & Womb Health, Steaming, Breast Health

  • Feminine Leadership

  • Ethical Wildcrafting

  • Sacred Plant Medicine

  • Medicinal Herb Walks, Plant ID & Basic Botany

  • Connect with Wild Spaces, Wild Weeds in your own backyard

Ayurvedic Wisdom & Lifestyle Practices:

  • Dinacharya: Daily Rituals & Routines

  • Prakruti: Your Unique Physiology/Constitution

  • Vikruti: Current Imbalance(s) and how to treat natural with Ayurveda & Herbal Medicine

  • Ayurvedic Beauty Rituals

  • Ayurvedic Kitchen Wisdom

  • Cultivating a Life as Ritual

We start this September

19th & 20th 2020

What will be offered:

  • Rosemary Gladstars 'The Science & Art of Herbal Medicine' Home Study Course. You will receive a Beautiful Certificate from Rosemary, making you a family/community Herbalist. 

  • All Medicine Making Supplies, herbs and anything we are working with every weekend when we gather. 

  • An Ayurvedic Ritual Kit 

  • One monthly call on Zoom to keep us all connected, have shares & ask questions. 

Dates & Details:

  • We meet one weekend a month for 10 months

  • We meet on Saturday & Sunday for a total of 10 hours each weekend (locations still to be determined)

  • Locations will be in SLO county. There will be field trips throughout the 10 months. Information will be sent out in August. 

  • September 19th & 20th

  • October 17th & 18th

  • November 21st & 22nd

  • December 19th & 20th

  • January 16th & 17th

  • February 20th & 21

  • March 20th & 21st

  • April 17th & 18th

  • May 22nd & 23rd

  • June 19th & 20th

What is NOT offered:

  • Any herbs you are working with @ home to make your own medicine & create your own Materia Medica, home Apothecary.

  • Any books that you choose to purchase for your own learning.

  • This is NOT an overnight course, please know that no accommodations are offered. If you want some suggestions for places to stay as you may be traveling or you choose to retreat for a weekend each month please ask me. So many quaint Air B&Bs in the area. 


  • Early Bird Discount, Take $300 Off!

  • Price from now until 5/1 $2,500

  • Price will go up to $2,800 after 5/1

  • Payment plans available, up to 12 months. Contact me for all your options.

  • $300 Deposit to Save Your Space

  • Enrollment Closes 8/15/20


A path of Self~Love
A path of Healing

Ayurvedic Wisdom, Nutrition, Herbalism & Food Rituals for Women

When we reclaim our food rituals, self love rituals, body rituals and 

seasonal rituals we begin to align with rhythm.

When we align with the Natural Rhythms of Mother Nature, this rhythm begins to carry us and holds an incredible opportunity for healing. 


Ayurvedic Consultations

All consultations are for Women that have completed or are currently

enrolled in a 4 or 6 week course of Ayurveda.

Heal your relationship with your body, mind & spirit. 
Heal your relationship with food.
Food is Medicine, Food is Love. 
Reclaim your Natural Rhythms with in and all around.

Know your Sacred Physiology

Know Thyself
Heal Thyself

Spring 4 week journey into Ayurveda

Saturdays this April 

in SLO @ Zen Den.


April 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th

Session 1: Dinacharya

Session 2: Kitchen Medicine

& Self Diagnostics

for digestive health

Session 3: Abhyanga/Self Massage & Making your own herbal body oil

Session 4: Herbal Medicine Walk will be from 9-12noon

And, an individual Ayurvedic Consultation

Open to 8 Women!

Follow Up Visits

Follow up visits are for women that have completed a 4 or 6 week journey or have prior knowledge/experience with Ayurveda or are enrolled in

'Way of the Medicine Woman'.

Follow up sessions support, enrich, nourish, educate and hold space to deepen on your path of healing.