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Ancient Wisdom for Women

A path of Self~Love

& Self~Healing

Ayurvedic Nutrition, Food Rituals, Vedic Wisdom & Herbal Medicine

Consultations, Counseling, Seasonal Cleanses, Cooking Classes & Workshops


Herbal & Ayurvedic Consultations

Know your Sacred Physiology

Determine: Your Prakruti/Constitution & Vikruti/Current Imbalance(s) and how to treat through diet, food rituals, Vedic wisdom, yoga, herbs, meditation & wise woman practices.

Invest in your health & well being!

This includes an initial 90 minute meeting on Zoom to take a thorough intake and then with a 35 minute follow up visit with suggestions. 


Tea Set

Follow Up Visits

Deepening Daily Rituals, Rhythms & Routines 

Follow up visits are for women that have already done an Initial Ayurvedic Consultation

Single sessions available or buy

3 sessions at a time and save. 


Online Yin Yoga Classes

A Sacred Pause

Yin Yoga Tuesdays:

10:00-11:15am &


$10 drop in

Yin Yoga is the Yoga of stillness.

It is soft and subtle and the holds the potential for deep nourishment to the nervous system, circulatory system, digestive & all the organs of the body. 

Yin is referring to the fascia, the deepest layers of tissue in the body. It is in the fascia, the connective tissue that prana~life force flows. 

Every class will be focused on a different theme from immune health, alleviating stress & anxiety, supporting digestive health, opening the breath body, cultivating self love, inner resiliency and stability. 

Please join me online for a meditative journey into the

terrain of your own body, heart & mind. 

Gather any props that you may already have and feel will benefit you in your practice.