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Crafting a Sacred & Seasonal Life

Allowing Nature to Love You


The Science & Art of Living

Ayurveda is a Way of Life. 
It is once again living in cooperation with Nature and her infinite Intelligence.
It is Awakening to the Wisdom of shifting with each new season, eating seasonal foods, knowing the wild medicines, kitchen medicine, syncing with Nature's rhythms, rising with the sun, sleeping with the moon and how we are an intricate part and heavily influenced by it all.

Ayurveda is translated as the Science or wisdom or knowledge of life and longevity. It is a nature connection and the sister science to Yoga. Yoga is the path of purification of body, mind & spirit and Ayurveda is the supporting science where we bring our Yoga home.

Yoga means to yok, to unite, to bring together, oneness. True yoga is that moment where we can feel our body, mind and hearts arrive at the same place and the same time. It truly does not matter if you can touch your toes in a forward fold, unless this is your true aim?  

Open hamstrings AND an Open mind. Double bonus!

‘Our true nature is like a precious jewel: although it may be temporarily buried in mud,

it remains completely brilliant and unaffected. We simply have to uncover it.’

Pema Chodron

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The 5 Great Elements

Vata, Pitta & Kapha

The 3 Doshas


The 6 Tastes


Want to know your constitution?
Take the Dosha Quiz

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Wildflower Ayurveda Autumn Offerings:

We have a greater potential for healing, health & vitality when we are aware of the

seasonal shifts happening around us in our very own ecosystems and we consciously sync ourselves to

Mother Nature's Rhythms. 

We can do this through seasonal foods, herbal medicine, spices and adopt A Way of Living that corresponds to the needs of that very season we are in.

THIS is Everything! 

Participating in your own well being by paying attention to Nature herself. 

What are the qualities?

What is the temperature?

What stage of life are the flowers in? What wild medicine is growing around you?

What time is the sun setting and rising now?

What is the phase of the moon? 

Then begin to take notice of you. Notice your skin, is it dry or moist?

How is your digestion? Constipation, gas, bloating? 

Notice your mind open, expansive, worried, overwhelmed or afraid? ​

Join me for Autumn Rejuvenation to implement and integrate all the above with both one on one support and a group of like minded women coming together to be nourished in more ways than one. 

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Ayurvedic Rejuvenation 
for Women
Autumn Season

4 weeks of Grounding, Warming, Nourishing foods &
Ayurvedic practices to pacify Vata dosha

Autumn season is also Vata season.

Vata is made up of the elements Air & Ether.

Together the qualities are cold, light, mobile, dry & rough.

The Autumn time of year has all of these qualities and can increase these qualities within a

human being if not pacified with the opposite qualities.

When excess Air & Ether or the Vata dosha shows us up it can be seen as gas, bloating, constipation, dry skin, restlessness, insomnia, worry, anxiety & fear. 

The wisdom of Ayurveda is to introduce the oppostie qualities to bring in balance and harmony.

This Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Cleanse is 4 weeks of focusing on warming, grounding, nourishing, oily, Ojas (immunity) building foods, herbal teas and Ayurvedic lifestyle practices for deep nourishment and healing. 

Seasonal cleansing is essential for optimal health and wellbeing.

When we allow time and space to slow down, eat seasonal, nourishing foods, drink herbal teas and cultivate daily routines that calm, soothe and rejuvenate our bodies, minds and spirits we set ourselves up for syncing with Nature's Rhythms and  Nature's Wisdom. 

Dates & Details:

We start Thursday 10/29 and meet on zoom for 4 consecutive Thursdays from 6-8pm PST. 

All sessions are live and recorded.

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Includes:

  • 1 Individual Ayurvedic Consultation ($185 Value)

  • 4 week online Yin Yoga Series that is every Tuesday from 6-7:30pm PST ($55 Value)                                         Yin Yoga dates are: 10/27, 11/3, 11/10 & 11/17 a link will be given upon registration 

  • Kitchari Cleanse Package including Triphala, Seasonal Spice Mix, Yellow Mung Beans, Tongue Scraper, Nasya Oil & Massage Oil ($100 value)

  • 4 Weekly Live calls Thursday evenings 6pm PST.          

  • All calls recorded and sent out to everyone that is registered.

  • Ayurvedic Wisdom on Dinacharya, Abhyanga (self massage), Neti, Nasya, Oil Pulling & more. 

  • Open to 6 Women

  • $350 Investment 

  • Payment plans always available

  • Schedule your free 20 min call for payment plan setup or to ask any questions


We heal through Nature's purest ingredients like sunshine, moonlight, fresh air and clean water. 
We heal when we slow down, listen for the song of a bird, feel the wind on our face and allow our feet to kiss the earth. 
Never underestimate the power of Beauty, Nature and living a simple life.

Natural Herbs_edited.jpg

Follow Up Visits

Deepening into Daily Rhythms, Rituals & Routines

Follow up visits are for the women that have already gone through a cleanse with me and are desiring more support, accountability & Ayurvedic Wisdom.
Healing is an active practice. It requires our time, love and attention. 
I would love to be your guide leading you back home to the Truth of who you are.


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